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Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

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In light of the outbreak of  Covid-19,  we are monitoring the situation and will continue to provide information and assistance to travelers.   We recommend you check the travel advisory from your local authority for travel planning.

As the situation is still evolving, we are currently experiencing high contact volumes, airlines and other travel partners are continually reviewing their policies. 

If you are not due to travel within the next two months, we recommend that you wait before contacting us to ensure we have the latest policy information for your travel.

For all requests regarding cancellation or change policy for USA travel please contact us via this Contact Form. You will find useful information below to help guide your next steps.


  • If your booking is with a Low-Cost Airline, contact them directly for changes or cancellations.  Click on the airline you are traveling with to be linked to their homepage for assistance.

  • If your booking is with a Full-service  (Legacy) Airlines. Please click on the airline to check if a policy has been issued to waive change and cancellation fees due to this event:

To cancel your flight:

  • If the airline has issued a policy and your travel is within the next 7 days, please contact us via this Contact Form note your message as “URGENT”.  If your travel is more then 7 days away, please contact us via this Contact Form all messages will be replied within 24 – 48 hours.
  • If the airline has not issued a policy yet, and you still wish to cancel, please note normal airline penalties and restrictions will apply.  Your itinerary will list any cancel fees. You can continue to check this FAQ for updates to travel waivers issued by the airline.
  • If you still wish to cancel without a waiver, please contact us via this Contact Form.
  • If your booking consists of 2 one-way fares, then ensure you check the policy of both airlines. If one of your flights is covered by a policy, it will not automatically cover the other flight.
  • Check your travel insurance policy to see if changes and cancellations due to unforeseen events are covered. If so, contact your insurance provider for details on submitting a claim.

To change your flight:

  • Consider preferred new travel dates. Please note the airline's policy when selecting these dates. Policies may change or be added at any time, so check for updates before re-booking.
  • If the airline has not issued a policy, please contact us via this Contact Form. You do not need to call us.
  • For change policy for USA travels please contact us via this Contact Form.  If you still need assistance changing, call us.

Still need help?

We are reviewing our policy as this situation evolves. If you have a future date booking, check back for further updates.

If you still need to contact us via this Contact Form

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